All of the masks are done by hand. No digital laser cutters, no computer programs, heck I don't really even have set patterns. I just do what the leather tells me.......

I use 2 to 4oz vegetable tanned leather, leather dyes, acrylic paints, a lacquer sealer, and a water proofing spray on all of the masks. Some require more ingredients but none use less. Unless indicated otherwise the masks tie behind the head with ribbon.

They are not fragile and love attention. Some of the additional ornamentation on the masks can be delicate but the leather will stand up to most displays of affection. Except for water, ergo the water repellant. Sweat will not destroy it but please don't go bobbing for apples with it on. In fact don't go bobbing for anything. That is pretty gross. Use the mask as an excuse!

Any questions, comments, suggestions, or ideas for custom work please contact me through Etsy.